Esteban will promote the construction of a highway to the border with the United States – El Sol de la Laguna

Esteban will promote the construction of a highway to the border with the United States – El Sol de la Laguna

El Oro, Durango: The candidate for governor of the “Va por Durango” coalition has stressed the need to invest in roads and municipal infrastructure in the north of the state. Modernization of these roads is essential for communication with border countries and trade exchanges with the United States.

Esteban toured the northwest end of the entity where he visited five municipalities: Ocampo, Indy, Hidalgo, Santa Maria de El Oro and San Bernardo. As he travels overland to the various localities, he checks out the poor condition of the roads and trails denounced by the inhabitants of this part of the state.

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For this reason, it was proposed to establish a development pole in the municipalities of the north of the state as part of the explosion of the economies of the region. The strategic location of these municipalities is fundamental to enhancing imports and exports with the United States and border entities.

“The idea behind the Durango-Barral Highway is to widen it further and reach El Paso, Texas,” Esteban explained.

The efficient exchange of goods from Durango to the North and vice versa will be enhanced with the improvement of highway infrastructure in this area of ​​the entity.

In order to boost the growth of Northwest Municipalities, investment in high quality communication methods and public services will be required. In addition to improving and building hydraulic concrete roads for commuting between municipalities in this area, because “the northern municipalities must have a regional hospital and a good university,” Villegas said.

Esteban’s commitment to establishing a development pole in northwest Durango is also embodied in the idea of ​​concluding agreements with neighboring countries, such as Chihuahua, that are already speaking with their governor for economic integration and greater capacity for these regions. to transport goods.

This will be of particular importance once the Northern Economic Corridor is established, which will position the entity as one of the most important logistics centers in the country, so that Durango’s economy and people will be defended by these measures.

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