Yorio explains that the Bank of Mexico controls inflation and does not fight poverty


Gabriel Yorio, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, pointed out that the role of Banco de México is to control inflation.

Gabriel YorioUndersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, noted that the mandate of the central banks, as in the case of the Bank of Mexico, is to control السيطرة economic inflation and not fight poverty.

In the face of the controversy over the role of banks in fighting poverty, yuri He was emphatic in pointing out that this is not the case.

“Its function is practically monetary policy, and the task of the Central Bank of Mexico has a very clear mandate, which is to control inflation, and that obviously has an impact on people’s purchasing power,” he said.

By participating in an economic webinar organized by How do and the OneYorio explained that Banco de México, as a regulatory body, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, is working to have capital in the financial sector support projects. sustainable.

He noted that this investment will help economic growth After the impact of the pandemic and the fight against climate change.

The groups most vulnerable to climate change are the most vulnerable groups, those that tend to settle in coastal areas; More investment needs to be made, and with that in mind, there is talk of green growth.”

appreciate it later covid-19 pandemicIn countries like Mexico, a large population will begin a new level of poverty, but they estimate that there will also be an even greater recovery.

He emphasized that a good measure is the government’s policy not to take debts or take measures Cycle To counter the pandemic, the best option would have been to increase health spending in addition to providing ventilators to hospitals.

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