Young man selling basket tacos to pay for his medical degree | video

Young man selling basket tacos to pay for his medical degree |  video

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In social networks there are a lot of success stories of young people who were able to achieve their goals after many years of effort. This time the boy showed that there is no limit to the realization of his dreams, As a young man he started selling basket tacos and is now a medical school graduate.

His story began to be published on social networks as a success story and thousands of users recognized the effort he put in for many years. His name is Miguel Padilla and on TikTok he shared an emotional video of how he started selling tacos on the street.

“Dreams come true sometimes, I dream beautifully,” the young man wrote in his video, which has almost reached a million views on TikTok.

It must be remembered that a medical degree is one of the most expensive degrees and requires a greater commitment, which is why many students have to find a way to earn more income while studying.

His success has grown exponentially as he currently has four million followers on his TikTok account where he usually shares tips and answers users’ questions.

Miguel Padilla does not turn his back on his beginnings in which he struggled to obtain economic resources for what Sometimes he gives medical advice to people who can’t pay for it, which shows that he has a big heart.


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