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The lack of support for the countryside by the three levels of government for decades led to increased immigration to the United States in rural areas; This led to the emergence of many cities in the northern part of the state Veracruz They practically depend on sending remittances to support their families.

Agricultural producer Leon Almazan Zavala said that the number of people who support their daily needs with the support of citizens is increasing more and more.

In the rural area of ​​the municipality of El Higo, the stagnation of economic activity, caused by the effects of a pandemic COVID-19 which started nearly two years ago.

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Added to this health emergency is the period of insecurity that has affected the region for nearly a decade; This led to the departure of businessmen, agricultural producers, livestock breeders and traders from these areas.

Nationally, remittances, the money Mexican immigrants send from the United States to support their families, have increased as they go through various hardships by getting up to three jobs and covering hard working hours.

The producer pointed out that this dangerous situation is due to the lack of support for peasants and small farmers in the northern part of Veracruz, because they have suspended the programs of the federal government.

The emigration of young people from Veracruz: a problem for a year

Manuel Gómez Galero, former Secretary General of the Banco Regional Peasants’ Committee, highlights that even when agricultural activity in the region is on the rise, the migration situation persists.

But this is not a new phenomenon.” Many years ago some young people decided to try their luck with the so-called American Dream, because conditions are adverse to the countryside, whether due to drought or official abandonment.

Remittances arriving from the neighboring country in the north increased due to the increase in wages in that region, but given the low purchasing power and high inflation, practically the same is obtained even with the increase.

Rosalino Pérez Cruz, president of the Colmena Anahuac Civic Organization, emphasized that current migration is a permanent condition that can be exacerbated by a lack of opportunity in the countryside.

Although it is true that there is support for the elderly, in most cases in the homes they are complete families, and young people with a wife and children need a job with income and not just help, because their aspirations are to increase the familiar inheritance.

The phenomenon of remittances: this is what happens in Veracruz

Similarly, the mayor of Nueva Michoacana in Banoco, Jose Luis Valladolid Manzano, said that one of the issues that has generated great controversy among researchers of the migration phenomenon is the remittances sent by migrant workers to their places of origin. and their impact on the societies that receive them.

He pointed out that in the Chabacao region which includes various sectors such as the colonies of Belotto, Monterrey, Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacana, etc., most of the young people migrated to the neighboring country in the north, which led to an increase in the number of remittances. .

Finally, he said that although remittances can have a positive effect on the current account through income remittances, they also generate a negative effect through increased imports, so the impact on economic growth is zero.

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