➤ Battle of Red Bull: Regions of the United States

➤ Battle of Red Bull: Regions of the United States

The United States will host communities for the first time for the National Final qualifiers. The stadiums will be Dallas, Texas this Saturday, July 16, and Los Angeles this July 30. Sixteen Liberals participate in each region, 4 of which will receive their pass for the national event to be held on October 8 in Miami.

Written by: Maria Jose Mongoya (@mary.mvel)

Red Bull Battle Regionals arrive in the United States, and for the first time two events will be held to determine qualifiers for the National Final. Let’s remember that the dynamics of selection in previous years were different, after the competition returned to this country in 2019, 8 participants who opposed the title were selected, in 2020 the list was determined by the test sent via the Red Bull app. In 2021, 1v1 fights were held and later recorded and analyzed by a jury.

The 2022 season also began with the stage of receiving tests in the official application, On June 21, the names of the 32 MCs participating in each of the Regionals were announced.Only 8 will qualify for the National Final.

Dallas, Texas is the city that receives the first regional, the live club event will take place on Saturday, July 16. The jury is made up of yartziTwo-time US champion, Argentine freestyler Dealing Organizer of various competitions and rapper Santana.

The Dallas Regional Playoffs are: Link One, Luis Allino, White Caracas, Montgomery, Mickey Rickon, Bailo, Adonis, Adonisex, O.J. Frieses, Jaico, El Boeta, Boss, Gunder’n, Doumi, Heavy and Magimbri.

One of the main candidates for the national pass he is Organo Gold phrasesIf the classification is achieved, it will be his fourth participation in Red Bull, in 2019 the Venezuelan took third place. from Los Angeles, presidentwho has also participated in previous editions, backed by his experience both nationally and internationally.

Other MC listed as rated potentialwe are heavy From Florida, a former regional champion and active member of his state subway, he competed in the Red Bull Playoffs in 2021. The San Antonio scene is represented by: magimbri He is seen as one of the important young advocates of Texas.

The second and final regional conference will be held on July 30 in Los Angeles, California, in the Levitt suite. Contrara in the presence of Yartzi, Cacha and Moises as part of the jury, the event will have the following The duo’s hosts consist of Racso White Lion and Lui-gii Zomber.

The sixteen chosen for this region are: Rora, Spit One, Steve, Jan Alino, Mika, Aldilma, Snow QLQ, Zymost, Macias, Pedro Vet, Warri, Outlaw, La Eminencia, Nico B, Trorr and Chester.

As in the Dallas regional menu, we can find both beginners and experienced owners in Red Bull. One of the most experienced is undoubtedly the Spaniards ChesterWhich has a long history is considered one of the strong names of this region as it is dilemmaThe Dominicans have been in the arena for years, and in 2020 were runners-up after falling to Yartzi.

villagerChampion of the Supremacy MC 2022 and one of the most prominent representatives of Las Vegas, he has already appeared in two games at Red Bull USA (2019 and 2021), and will be seeking his third classification to the final. Nico B.a participant in the 2019 and 2020 editions, the Columbia native added several regional and national titles, becoming one of the biggest exponents on the Florida scene.

Let’s remember that there will be only 8 contenders in total, who will qualify for the National Final which will be held next October 8 in Miami.regionally held for the first time in the United States, provides an opportunity to give greater insight into a landscape that is still developing and continues to prove that it has what it takes to become one of the most unique.

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