10 foods and plants you need to boost your mood


If you feel I’m more tired, With a little energy, a little desire, if you have it Sleep problems And until you feel a little angry, it might be a reason Weakness of spring, A group of symptoms that occur at this time of year when the season changes. Diet and exercise They are your best allies for uplifting that mood, and there are foods that, although not by themselves are a miracle, in a healthy diet group can make you feel better.

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Foods that help you improve your mood

As Andrea Hernangómez, Nutritionist at Nutritienda.com explains, although there are many factors that can affect the condition of Psychological health, An active lifestyle Diverse nutrition It can positively contribute to feeling better about ourselves.

The best prescription for maintaining our health, whether psychological, cardiovascular, or digestive, etc., is to do so Exercise daily Eat a varied and balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs.

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Follow a healthy diet to lift your spirits

It is very important to be clear about what the food and overall diet are, and No isolated feedersWhich can have positive or negative effects on our mood.

However, in general it has been observed that the consumption of foods such as: Oily vegetables, fruits, or fish Associated with a better state of mind, partly because people who consume this type of food tend to have better habits in general (they exercise, don’t smoke, don’t consume alcohol …)

On the other hand, consumption of ultra-processed foods with lower nutritional density and alcohol consumption have been linked to lowered moods or changes in cognitive function, says nutritionist Andrea Hernángoise.

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The expert insists on this There are no miracle feeders Nor are magic prescriptions that allow us to achieve happiness and reduce fatigue. To feel satisfied, it is very important to exercise every day, eat foods with high nutritional density and avoid foods that only provide us with sugars, fats, or nerve-inhibiting toxins such as alcohol. So if you are looking for a unique food that delights you, you will not find it, but there is a range of foods that are included A healthy diet can help you get more energy and overcome weaknessA problem, explained pharmacist Mar Santamaría, of Promopharma, which manifests itself in greater fatigue, irritation, and changes in appetite or sleep. These symptoms are due to increased exposure to sunlight and temperature changes. But it is short, light and adaptive.

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