11,500 US work visas are offered for the first time

11,500 US work visas are offered for the first time

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. – The US government has announced the provision of a total of 35,000 H-2B visas, i.e. work visas, to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Haiti, which will take effect from the second half of this year.

These are non-agricultural visas and the goal is for US companies to hire Honduran employees to work in the US for a period of time in areas such as gardening, cleaning, forestry workers, meat choppers, waiters, and chefs, among others.

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How to apply?

The petitioner – Honduras – must apply for a temporary work certificate for a foreigner and verify that he will return to Honduras. In the first place, the applicant must have no criminal or immigration record and fill out the form on the page hn.usembassy.gov.

“The requirements must be met on the US Embassy page, and once candidates are passed in this case, US employers select and hire in different regions,” the Consular Affairs Office of Foreign Relations said. inside a page Embassy of the United States of America You will find a section called “H-2 Visa Application Process Instructions” where you must complete the application and create a profile on the page www.ustraveldocs.com, or go to the Department of State for a better identification.

Of the 35,000 visas, 23,500 will go to citizens who have already benefited in the past three years and will return to the US for work, the other 11500 . will be distributed For people who are looking for opportunity for the first time.

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