2022 US Open begins in Brooklyn under controversy over LIV golf series

2022 US Open begins in Brooklyn under controversy over LIV golf series

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Today’s top golfers, including five from Latin America, will play the 122nd edition of the US Open through June 19. At the event, which returns to Brookline for the first time since 1988, some players who were sanctioned days earlier by the PGA after participating in the first tournament of the LIV Golf Series, an event funded by Saudi Arabia and a country that some Western countries say they report committing, will be presented human rights violations.

At the beginning of June, the most successful golfer in the world, American Tiger Woods, announced that he would not participate in the third major tournament of the year, the US Open.

However, controversy arose among specialists and fans about the emergence of a new circuit: the LIV golf series, which was rejected by many, mainly by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), but managed to seduce many members from the tour.

After the first event, which was held in London, the PGA announced that a total of 17 players would be expelled from its ranks. Despite this, some will be part of the US Open thanks to an extension of the American Golf Association (USGA), an organization that has announced it may penalize them in the future.

“The tournament begins in the privacy of what LIV Golf has raised, this controversial Saudi tour in the world of golf in which Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson and others who have already agreed to play LIV Golf (…) will attend (…) It is worth noting that many players, before knowing the PGA penalty They chose to abandon it,” explained Juan David Bernal, contributor to “The Golf Channel” and “Marca Claro” in a conversation with France 24.

The 122nd edition of one of the world’s most prestigious tournaments will begin in Massachusetts, one of the oldest in the United States that has not hosted the tournament since 1988, and will bring together the most selected teams. .

Rory McIlroy, with options to retain the title

While it’s hard to pick a favorite ahead of a tournament in golf, the season’s performance can paint a picture of how close the competition is and which player can leverage their strengths to win the title.

Under that premise, Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy starts as one of the title favorites in the third main race of the year. This player, who is fourth in the standings this season, has just won the RBC Canadian Open and is playing at a high level.

McIlroy comes with that Pushing force That’s why I think he could be one of the favorites for the tournament. Justin Thomas, the American who won the last championship, the PGA Championship, I think he is also another person called to participate well (…) As for the Latinos, Mito Pereira, who made many mistakes in the past in the PGA Championship, I could be one of those who They can do well, and in my opinion Joquin Nieman has the most complete game, ”says the specialist.

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