25 countries are still not removing their mask (Spain is about to do so)


it seems, It seems that the Spanish government has taken the decision, and will make the announcement soon, to abolish the mandatory use of the mask on planes, and it is not known if it is in all public transport.. The recommendation was made last May by infectious disease specialists in Europe, when they advised member states of the European Union to suspend this rule. Spain So far, it is keeping it, being among the 25 countries where you are required to board a plane with a face mask.

at the end of august, Portugal I accepted this recommendation, and leave Germany and Spain with mask requirements. And then followed Germany, which from October 1 excluded her, among her new opponents-COVID-19 For the fall/winter 2022/23 season, referring to long-distance aircraft passengers, commuter trains and airport users, based on a proposal by the German Ministry of Health.

right Now, Spain It is the only one in the European Union and in all of Europe in which the use of the mask is still compulsory in public transport, which includes buses, taxis, planes and trains, until the Spanish Minister of Health, Carolina Daria, makes an expected announcement in the coming days, after it is analyzed by the Council. The region and passes to the Council of Ministers on February 7 next, although its entry into force has not progressed.


The 25th with a mask

Only Spain, despite the requests of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Airline Association (ALA), the country’s air employers. There are flights in the country of origin for which the use of a mask is not mandatory on board, and when entering Spanish airspace, it is notified Passengers are required to wear a face mask.

At this time, the mask is mandatory on flights from Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, China, South Korea, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Iran, Kenya, Mauritania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

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