30 years in the service of science


CENCEC: 30 years in the service of science

2021-07-06 19:06:44 / [email protected] / Claudia Diaz Perez

The National Clinical Trials Coordination Center (CENCEC) reached its three-decade-old mark in 2021, perhaps at its highest level of activity, says MA. Anya Torres Bombert, Head of Information and Communications Management and Computer Development.

“The center is on its founding anniversary since November 30th. We will be in our 30s and may reach the highest level of activity and in the midst of a complex epidemiological situation.”

In addition to the traditional testing plan and studies against COVID-19, Torres Bomber explains that they have set themselves the challenge of a visual communication campaign that emphasizes the results and trajectory of the organization represented in the campaign slogan: “CENCEC: 30 Years in the Service of Science”.

“We have provided full and partial services in 166 clinical trials, from 28 promoters between nationals and foreigners, in which 69 products of different types have been evaluated, investigations involving more than 1,480 clinical sites and more than 7 thousand 700. Researchers from across the country, Among them, more than 24 thousand participants.

Regarding the improvement and training of human resources, we present the accumulated historical data of more than 8000 researchers who have been trained in various modalities, that is, whether courses, trainings, diplomas and master’s, which are also reinforced by significant academic experiences and international scientific exchange.

CENCEC: 30 years in the service of science

These findings are an example of how the center has validated its founding mission and objective, which was to not only design and conduct clinical trials but also evaluate health technology and support the Ministry of Public Health in clinical investigations that would allow for a response. to major health problems such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

CENCEC, an organization under the Ministry of Public Health, is responsible for monitoring, designing and conducting clinical trials that are conducted in the national health system.

It is a prerequisite for the Cuban regulatory authority, CECMED, to authorize the clinical trial to register the study in the Cuban Public Registry of Clinical Trials, administered by CENCEC.

On the work of the Governing Institution for Clinical Research in Cuba in the face of COVID-19, a second work will be discussed.

CENCEC: 30 years in the service of science

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