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ESA robotic armESA robotic arm

European robotic arm

It has the ability to anchor itself to the station and move back and forth on its own.

The European Robotic Arm (ERA) will be launched in International Space Station Together with the Russian multipurpose laboratory unit, called the Nauka.

ERA is the first robot capable of “walking” across the Russian part of Space station. It has the ability to dock the station and move back and forth on its own, delivering between fixed base points.

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This intelligent 11-meter space robot will be the primary manipulator on the Russian part of the space station, helping astronauts during spacewalks. The robotic arm can help install, deploy and replace items in outer space, the European Space Agency advises (see video demonstration of the device).

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Capable of transporting up to eight tons of weight with an accuracy of up to 5 millimeters, it is entirely made in Europe. It was designed and assembled by a consortium of European companies led by Airbus Defense and Space of the Netherlands for the European Space Agency. The robotic arm is largely funded by the Dutch government.

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