4 cars burned on the border bridge between Tamaulipas and Texas

4 cars burned on the border bridge between Tamaulipas and Texas

On Wednesday afternoon, the foreign trade crisis brought on by Texas Governor, Republican Greg Abbott, who has tightened oversight of international bridges, saw a violent episode.

While the trailer drivers were waiting for the dispute to be resolved, people set fire to at least four units that were in a row on the road to the Reynosa-Reynosa International Bridge.Mouse.

The reporter was Marco A. Martinez was in the area at the time the shooting began, endangering operators who were in a meeting at the foot of the Federal Highway.

One of the burning trailers was left over the so-called spiral bridge on the road to the International Bridge.

In a preliminary report, the Tamaulipas government stated that the state police had seized two trucks and arrested three people allegedly involved in a three-trailer fire on the Var International Bridge.

Three days after the conflict began, the government of Democratic President Joe Biden accused Governor Abbott of causing an increase in product prices for consumers in the United States, by blocking the entry of cargo trucks.

“Excess and unnecessary inspections of truckload transit between Texas and Mexico, ordered by Governor Abbott, are causing significant disruptions to food and automobile supply chains, manufacturing delays, impacts on employment, and increased prices for products and services for Texas families and across the White Jin Psaki.

Abbott ordered sweeping inspections of Mexican cargo trucks, in protest of the immigration policies adopted by the Biden administration.

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