5 activities to improve your team’s well-being

5 activities to improve your team’s well-being

With the new home office style, companies have to know how to play their cards right, in order to be more productive and profitable.

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February 18, 2021

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Opinions expressed by collaborators Entrepreneur It is a character.

  • The activities should stimulate your team and enhance their comfort.
  • More than 51% of companies offered healthy activities to their teams.
  • All activities can be done remotely.

With the new method for Home officeIn order to be more productive and profitable, companies have to know how to play their cards correctly, that is, they have to properly manage the production process, apply methods of continuous improvement, modernization and, as far as possible, innovation to create the added value that distinguishes them from the rest. However, to achieve success, it is imperative to prioritize the needs of employees, as they are the basis of any organization.

According to the report The future of work in Latin AmericaImplemented by HR platform Rona, CEOs struggle to maximize the benefits for their collaborators. More than 51% displayed activities that enhance the well-being of their employees, in areas such as: stress management (63%), physical activity (39%) and financial well-being (35%).

No matter what role they play, all employees represent an important part of the equipment that makes your company go forward, so it is imperative to create activities that encourage Team Courtney McCulligan, CEO and Founder of Runa says:

McCulligan, shares with us five activities that you can introduce to your team remotely, so that they maintain their productivity and satisfaction levels:

  1. Stress management activities: Timed yoga lessons or relaxation exercises can relieve stress, de-stress and clear the mind of your staff, and use platforms that allow connection to whatever you have. TeamThis way they will be able to interact remotely in sessions of 10 to 15 minutes.

  2. Physical activities: Inactivity from sitting for 8 continuous hours in front of the computer can reduce physical health, with problems with excess weight, poor posture and even headaches; Therefore, classes on dancing, stretching, or strengthening muscles and balance can greatly help maintain health.

  3. Nutrition activities: The body is the engine that drives us day in and day out, so eating a good diet is essential, so giving advice from a nutritionist who provides guidance on how to improve your health through proper nutrition will help you stay healthy and productive.

  4. Financial wellness activities: Workshops or trainings that encourage them to maintain good financial health are essential, so their worries about expenses at home will be effectively reduced.

  5. Psychological help: Uncertainty about the future can be a huge torment for you Team; Outings with friends Back to the office and vacations, at the moment, are not sustainable, the reason why they can cause anxiety and stress. These days psychological help makes a huge contribution to employee health.

Encouraging a sense of belonging, generates a state of satisfaction among employees, in addition to ensuring the optimal operation of the company and thus achieving the established goals.

Rona CEO concludes, “Often times the motivation is linked exclusively to financial incentives but this is not entirely correct, there are other ways to increase the satisfaction and productivity of your employees.”

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