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Irene Zamora, MSc in Emotional Well-Being Psychotherapy

Identifying feelings on a physical and mental level, restructuring ideas, recognizing needs and setting a life goal are all part of what the Focused Wellness Program, which is taught through Irene ZamoraMSc in Psychotherapy for Corporate Emotional Well-being Kokoru.

With 10 sessions – one a week – you’ll work out your mindfulness exercises, Mindfulness Visualization and art therapy, according to the expert, provide functional tools in crisis processes and moments of change and transformation.

“The points that we will work on will help us have a better relationship with ourselves and with others, and work on good relationships. Likewise, by defining core values, we can work on our life goals and objectives.” Zamora, He is also a specialist in aromatherapy and herbs.

This virtual workshop will start on February 23 with groups of up to eight people. It can also be done as a couple or one-on-one.

“This is a program to dedicate to yourself. Self-knowledge is always very important. However, at this time when confinement has caused psychological problems for many people, it is even more important,” concluded the expert on emotional well-being.

Frances Aguilar He participated in the courses in December of last year and according to his experience, “It was a wonderful path, as I was able to gain a greater amount of self-knowledge; I was able to express myself and appreciate my feelings and emotions. I saw my life experiences in a different way.”

The importance of investing in emotional well-being and mental health

Laura Betancourt, Clinical Psychologist

Lack of good mental health can affect you in a number of ways, leading to more difficult and complex illnesses to treat.

about Laura Betancourt, A specialist in clinical psychology, the fact that there are no spaces that can generate well-being can lead to significant impairment of self-concept and world perception, to the point of falling into depression.

“It is important for people to realize that we need to act and invest in our mental health and well-being. The ability to control our emotions, recognize changes or transformations; we have learned and above all to be clear about the emotional resources we must face in life, this is very beneficial.” Betancourt.

The expert highlighted the importance of establishing routines that promote emotional well-being and mental health, such as sports, recreation, contact with nature, mindfulness, yoga, and maintaining contact with breathing.

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