5 Great Movies You Can Watch On Netflix


Here are 5 of the best movies available in the Netflix digital service catalog. Films that in the years of their premiere won awards such as Oscars, which, despite time, continue to captivate viewers.

Parasites | 2019 year

Both Ji Taek and his family are unemployed. When their eldest son, Ji Woo, begins teaching in the wealthy Park family, the two families, who share much in common despite their belonging to two completely different worlds, forge a relationship with unexpected results. This movie won a Academy Award For the best movie in its first year.

Matrix | 1999 year

The Movie It narrates the adventure of Neo, a young pirate summoned by the resistance movement led by Morpheus, who fights the domination of machines over humans. Morpheus offers you two pills of different colors: one will keep you illusory, and the other will discover the truth.

Forest Gump | 1994 year

else Movie Winner b Academy Award For the best movie you can watch Netflix: Forrest Gump, a strong and innocent young Southern man, is the hero of decisive events in US history.

Schindler’s List

In this film, German businessman Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi Party, begins a complex, costly and risky plan to save more than a thousand Jews from the Holocaust. He also won an Academy Award.

Batman The Dark Knight

Finally, our list of the five bars you can see in it Netflix, This completes the second installment of the director’s trilogy Christopher Nolan. Batman must balance heroism with vigilance to fight a vile criminal known as the Joker, who aims to plunge Gotham City into chaos.

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