5 Santa Claus acrylic nail designs perfect for Christmas

5 Santa Claus acrylic nail designs perfect for Christmas

the birthday It’s just around the corner and if you don’t have a Hands look Perfect for these parties, we recommend playing it safe, for example, with a design Santa Claus Acrylic NailsWell, there couldn’t be a more suitable character for these dates, don’t you think?

If you are a fan of Santa Claus and need to pick a design for yourself acrylic screwsin a panoramaWe give you 5 Nice ideas So pick one up and run with your nail artist so your perfect manicure is ready for Santa Claus’s arrival.

5 Cute Santa Claus Acrylic Nail Ideas Perfect for Christmas

Santa Claus is one of the prominent figures of these dates, because everyone, young and old, is still waiting for the happy visit of the bearded man who leaves us wonderful gifts at dawn on December 25th. For this reason, there is nothing more dedicated to these dates than a acrylic nail design Inspired by this Chubby Christmas character.

#1 Nail design with Santa’s face

One of the basic designs includes a stud with the face of Santa Claus, while the rest of the studs can be completely red or white or they can have Christmas details or some can even have a Santa Claus outfit.

Choose a basic design with the face of Santa Claus | pinterest
Use a fun design like this and you will turn heads.| pinterest

Design #2 nails with a Santa costume

This type of design is very pretty and a lot easier, because it’s just based on the famous Santa Claus suit with its signature wide black belt.

This Santa Claus costume will look great on your nails | pinterest
Unmistakable Santa belt | pinterest

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Design #3 screws with Santa’s hat

Santa’s hat is one of this character’s signature accessories, so you can tell your nail artist to make you a fun design where all your nails appear to be wearing this signature red hat. You can make them with a mirror effect or use glitter. With any style, this sweet design will look great at Christmas dinner.

Santa hat is an iconic accessory | pinterest
Add sparkle to your Christmas nail design | pinterest

Number 4 Santa Claus design with his trademark

As you well know, the character of Santa Claus was an invention of a famous brand of cola, so you can also playfully honor the origins of this character acrylic nail design It will not go unnoticed.

You will be the most creative with this design | pinterest

Design number 5 Santa Claus and his friends

Finally, we recommend that you use a beautiful Christmas nail design that includes other staples of the season, for example, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer or the gingerbread man. Here we share some examples that we liked.

Santa Claus and Rudolfo’s reindeer are inseparable | pinterest
Give your nails a fun touch with Gingerbread Cookie | pinterest

Now choose the design that best suits your personality ASAP and run it through with your nail artist so you will have your Christmas acrylic nails ready before Christmas dinner begins.

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