A baby elephant “hugs” a TV reporter and steals his gaze; The video went viral

A baby elephant “hugs” a TV reporter and steals his gaze;  The video went viral
baby elephant
A baby “cuddles” with a TV reporter. Photo: Darkroom | illustrative

Gave a baby elephant granules to a reporter while he was broadcasting for Television The audience Kenyathus stealing looks and applause from viewers And the Internet usersBecause the video was created quickly viral on social media.

This was the little elephant moment

correspondent, Alvin Kaundawas giving a report on a orphanage Of the elephants that exist in Kenya When small trunk It started to appear in the box next to other elephants.

depending on the caller advanced FYI, the trunk baby elephant I started to approach a body Reporter He puts it to his ear however, in spite of the moment he was in livingThe Young journalist continuous Speaking on your link.

But the mischievous stem of the elephant They did not stop and passed from the ear to the head of the reporter who looked Stop laughing For the hilarious moment he was starring in thanks granules it’s a young animal I decided to do through your link.

Seconds later, the elephant moved its trunk to its mouth Alvin Kaunda The moment he can no longer contain Laughter from the situation and released Laugh Like the witnesses From funny moment.

However, the reporter just laughed and nodded lightly trumpet From Elephant who took it after the theft, from A.S way amazinga report journalist.

Who was the naughty little elephant?

Reports indicate that the funny moment was championship by little elephant Recognition CanadianShe was rescued in April 2018 and is currently 4 years old; Which, apparently, he wanted to make reporter’s valentines.

Networks move every moment

after posting Pictures with Millions From transcriptionNetizens said they were happy to see cow And they wish it was where they are Cares about maybe you can be Support for extension work.

I love this video so much!! Thanks!! It makes my day so much I hope the success of this video helps the cause you’re covering “,” It’s such a cute and funny video “,” This guy can focus on this most of us get distracted by Twitter “ are part of the comments that can be read on the social media post.

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