A care master classic: over 90 different activities in 50 countries

A care master classic: over 90 different activities in 50 countries

The Real Madrid-Barcelona match, which took place on Sunday at the Santiago Bernabeu, marked the events organized by the League in more than 50 countries around the world. With over 90 events, LaLiga brings its fans closer to this match, which has hundreds of millions of followers around the world.

As part of LaLiga’s international activation strategy for this popular match, several raffles, collaborations with local and international influencers, tournaments, and fan meetings have been organized in many countries, in addition to this, a special match list has been created, available in 11 Asian countries.

With the aim of getting closer to its fans, LaLiga has organized more than 90 events in different parts of the world, including: The Bike Challenge in Colombia, a bike race held with more than 500 participants; Exclusive event with influencers from Turkey; or four simultaneous events in the United States (in New York, Houston, Miami and Los Angeles).

In addition, more than 20 viewing parties of different sizes were organized in Spanish embassies, sports bars, pubs, cinemas, ships, as well as in venues created for the occasion, to highlight the party that was enjoyed in Giza (Egypt), next to Pyramids.

In Spain, from March 17-20, throughout the city of Madrid, ElClsico witnessed activities for all audiences, from the Ruta de la Tapa to the distribution of Corpreos at various representative points in Madrid, passing through multiple activities in the Plaza de Callao.

In Africa, this meeting of giants has been held with activities in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and others. It features a collaboration with Tanzanian influencer Kelly Paul (with over 3 million followers on Instagram), where various interactive content was created about ElClsico.

On the other hand, in the Middle East, this meeting was activated in Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Qatar, Egypt and others. In Turkey, an exclusive meeting was held with influencers to watch the match.

In Asian countries, ElClico Taste has been organized, collaborating with many restaurants to create ElClsico menu especially in Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, China, etc. .

On the American continent, revitalizations were carried out in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Canada. In Colombia, a bike race for 500 people was held, followed by a presentation of the game. In Costa Rica, a music session with local bands was organized after the sporting event.

Some events in Europe took place in Germany, Sweden, France, Hungary and Belgium, where ElClico was brought to cinemas, in cooperation with Turespaa and Eleven Sports.

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