Eurosport acquires global fighting rights and expands MMA event offerings

Eurosport acquires global fighting rights and expands MMA event offerings

Eurosport continues to expand its sports adhesive catalog and today announced a A new agreement to present in Spain “Combate Global”, an international MMA event that begins a new season this Thursday, March 24. After securing the audiovisual rights to events like the UFC, Cage Warriors, and best boxing nights, Eurosport confirms its position as the home of contact sports in Spain Including “Global Combat” for its sports show this season.

The The “Global Combat” cage is open from Thursday, March 24th at Eurosport appAnd the Which will provide a total of 30 events all season What will they face to 150 participants From 12 different countries. Spain She is part of the group of countries that compete in this event by representing 14 fighters9 men and 5 women including names like Kevin Cordero and Claudia Diaz.

UFC creator Campbell McLaren leads the ‘Global Combat’ team, a form of contact sports that features lighter weight classes and faster, more agile fighters to deliver exciting matches to fans. This competition includes Copa Combate, the only MMA organization to feature cross-country matches In the form of a tournament of eight fighters in which the participants represent their countries and wear the colors of their flag.


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In the Spanish 2021 edition Kevin Cordero represented Spain in the final of the Copa Combat Championship Also taking part were Carlos Briceño (Mexico), Christian Barraza (Chile), France Mlambo (Ireland), Jose Zaros (Peru), Leo Moniz (US), Pierre Dagosin (France) and Luciano Ramos (Argentina). A tournament with eight participants and a prize of $100,000 for the winner. Cordero was unable to reach the end of the competition after his close defeat at the hands of Ireland’s Frans Mlambo.

The ‘Global Battle’ season begins this Thursday, March 24th from Miami

Work begins in Early morning from Thursday 24 to Friday 25 March from 05:00 am live on the Eurosport app With the first event of the competition what will beMexico vs the United States As the first event of the season.

“Global Combat” Poster – March 24

  • Daniel Sanchez vs. Malak Alvarez
  • Melissa Amaya vs. Jesica Ortega
  • Robin “El Diamante” Lozano vs Jimmy Sandstrom Sandlin
  • Miguel “The Terminator” Villegas vs Jake Childers
  • Tyler “Yogi” Hinton vs. David “Doggy” Aguilar
  • Ishmael “Kracken” Zamora vs. “Slick” Rick Zelada
  • Yajira “Black Panther” Cunningham vs Kayla Hartshaw

Spanish participation in the “global battle”

Spain has a wide representation in “Global Combat” with 14 participants9 men and 5 women are part of the competition.

  • Kevin Lamb
  • Oscar “Jacquard” Suarez
  • Claudia Diaz
  • Sebastian Santana Guedes
  • Andrea Kay Meneses
  • Roger White
  • white city
  • Silvia Juaneda
  • Christian El Potro Marunas
  • Gilranz Tino “No Mercy”
  • Fernando “El Picchu” Calvo
  • Damari Olivares
  • David Ruiz
  • Sebastian del Cristo Hernandez

“Combate Global” is turning to Spanish talent in search of expanding the list of participants who are part of the competition after an impressive performance and development in the tournament itself.

Eurosport is the “home of connected athletes” in Spain

With the addition of “Combate Global”, Eurosport is strengthening its offer as the House of Contact Sports in Spain. In this year so farEurosport has announced the acquisition of broadcast rights to some of the most important competitions within MMA such as the UFC and Cage Warriors, as well as the best international boxing evenings organized by Probellum and Protocol. With this new addition to the Eurosport catalog, the home of Contact Sports in Spain Nearly 600 hours of the biggest boxing and MMA events on the international circuit through its digital channels and platforms.

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