This is the “Save Women’s Sport” movement against Leah Thomas and transgender athletes

This is the “Save Women’s Sport” movement against Leah Thomas and transgender athletes

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The tension against transgender athletes competing in women’s events has reached a point where United State From no return to win a championship National Collegiate Athletic Association From Leah Thomas This weekend opened an enclave in which the most conservative sectors of the country rose up once again against what they call injustice. gatherings likeSave women’s sports‘An example of these protests and they were in them Atlanta This weekend to protest this situation.

Lia, formerly known as willIt was unrivaled in the 500-yard test. However, the second rated, Emma Wayant, she accepted the role that was given to her by the audience and many of her competitors: the role of the real winner of the audition. To add more fire to the controversy, the Olympic swimmer snapped the photo on the podium occupying the same third tray alongside third and fourth seeded in the test. The difference in the final was one second. It is indicated that there is more distance in the image.

This is a thought shared by many organizations that seemed to be a disaster for Leah. Thomas took control of ivy league In her only season, he was competing for the women’s team University of Pennsylvania He won his conference titles in the 500, 200, and 100-yard events. This was able to take it to the state level after the NCAA did not accept the policy USA Swimming which required transgender athletes to undergo three years of hormone replacement therapy, half a year longer than the protagonist of the story.

Testosterone is one of the reasons Save Women’s Sports explains on its website as significant differences that encourage the unfairness of transgender women who compete with women, but it also gives other physical reasons. Differences in bone growth, muscle mass, lack of ovaries, and height give athletes transitioning from male to female a significant advantage.


Beth Stelzer is the founder of Save Women’s Sports, the organization that opposes the participation of transgender athletes in women’s competition, or what she calls: “the fight against women’s erasure.” At the Georgia Tech McAuley Aquatic Center, there were clashes between this group and other protesters defending the rights of transgender women. The police had to intervene on the campus several times.

Some chanted, “Save women’s sport!” Others responded: “Say it out loud, say it clearly: Transgender athletes are welcome here!” “If we allow men to compete in women’s sports, there will be men’s sports, there will be mixed sports, but there will be no women’s sports,” Stelzer defends in “Save Women Sports” website. This weightlifter is one of the visible faces against Leah’s presence in the US National Championships.

This association supports its protests with scientific explanations. For example, is Dr. Gregory A. BrownProfessor of Exercise Science in the Department of Kinesiology and Sports Science at University of NebraskaExplains in the statement of these Physical differences between men and women This affects, in this way, transients. The Dr. Emma Hiltonbiologist, that eliminate testosterone Does not terminate the performance advantage.

They also explain concepts such as the esports trinity that trans women don’t experience. It is the difference in energy availability, menstrual function, and bone mineral density that leads to eating disorders, functional amenorrhea, and osteoporosis. This means that female athletes wear more than men in high-level physical activity.

Did he let him win?

The protests continued throughout the weekend, with Leah continuing to compete, but she did not win. On Friday, just hours after Thomas won the 500, she finished fifth in the 200 freestyle. The idea that it would destroy women’s swimming disappeared. Then the suspicion arose that he had allowed himself to win.

On Saturday, the 500-yard champion competed in the 100’s with another who made the turn back, Isaac Hennig. This female transgender man took the fifth place, while Thomas took the last place. Suspicion fueled a group of people in the fence kiosks.

As the families of the transgender athletes got to know each other, Save Women Sports protesters turned their attention to a transgender journalist covering Lia and Iszac’s shows. Representatives of the association shouted at him, according to what he reported Washington Post, that she “was not a mother” and reminding her to stay away from “women’s places”. The battle that took place on the university students was transferred to the stands.

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