Savage wins ticket to MASL soccer qualifier El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Savage wins ticket to MASL soccer qualifier El Heraldo de Chihuahua

With their 6-1 win over Ontario’s Fury, Savage CUU’s Chihuahuan team secured their place in the playoff round of the Major Arena Football League in the United States, in a historic event for the Mexican team that… He is participating for the first time in this competition.

In what was the second match of the double day between the two teams, the two teams started cautiously in the first half, as they still couldn’t harm themselves and with continuous shots on both teams’ goals, they maintained 0-0 at the end of this period. .

For the second quarter of the match, after only 3 minutes, Hugo “La Roca” Pointes arrived to put the numbers on the partial scoreboard 1-0, the numbers he went into the first half, since the match beat. The match continued with a fierce struggle for the ball in all sectors of the field.

The third quarter was practically a copy of the previous two periods, with a struggle to get to the opponent’s frame by players on the field, as only Brian Macías managed his shot to make things partially 2-0.

Domestic fouls started to work in the last period, when goals came from Roberto Escalante, Jorge Rios, Enrique Canez and Rios again to make things 6-0. The opponents responded less than two minutes from the end of the match by Jesus Pacheco in the final 6-1.

In this way, reaching 12 wins with 36 points in the table, Savage CUU not only placed himself in the second division of the Western Conference, but also earned his ticket to reach the playoff round of the Professional Football League where San Diego, Florida and Kansas City already guests

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