Prisoner Martinez makes history in Belgrade

Prisoner Martinez makes history in Belgrade

Pamplona Caper Martinez makes athletics history in Navarra. After 4th place at the European Indoor Championships in Torun (Poland) and 6th place in the 110m hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics, yesterday he added a fourth place at the World Championships in Belgrade. Best result for a Navarre athlete at the World Indoor Championships after overtaking Marta Mendia’s sixth place in the high jump in Budapest 2004.

The zizurtarra made his first appearance in Belgrade after 10:00 in the morning in a tie that was considered affordable. The best three from each series and the remaining best six passed to the semi-finals. The center Aseer was seen with his earrings and chain around his neck, which is a distinctive feature, and his eyes are on goal. Focus was broken with the false start of Kazakh David Yefremov, a warning that you have to always be vigilant.

At the start of the second half, Navarrese started well, but couldn’t come close to the marks he has achieved this year. He crossed the finish line fourth with a time of 7.67, his worst mark of the season, but it was enough to make it through the Tour. Aser himself was aware of the error and, as he later announced, did not know how to determine what had gone wrong, but it could not be repeated in the semi-finals.

He entered the semi-finals as quickly as possible without counting the top three in each match. The aura of hope diminished upon knowing their opponents. The American Grant Holloway was waiting for him, an “alien” as Zizour identified him and the greatest advocate of fences throughout the world; France’s Pascal Martinnott Lagarde is a serious medal contender, or Poland’s Damien Cheeker, who was very strong in the qualifying stage. But Asier is key right now and the pressure is building. He got off to a strong start in a very fast sprint, with Holloway running at a different pace – he equaled the world record with a time of 7.29 – and Martino Lagarde confirmed his nomination for the silver medal. The Navarese sprinter finished third, equaling his best-ever record, with a time of 7.55 seconds.

He passed the second race and achieved the great goal; reach the end. Without pressure and with all the cards on the table, Navarrese just had to enjoy himself and make a good mark. He met again Holloway record man and world medalist Martinot Lagarde. Join this American duo Garrett Eaton and French Inspiring Beluchian.

The latter erred in the decisive race, taking last place and leaving the door open for Aseer, who did not hesitate to slip and reach the finish line in fourth place (7.57). Gold, how could it be otherwise, went to Grant Holloway (7.30), silver to Pascal Martinnot Lagarde (7.50) and bronze to Garrett Eaton (7.53). A fourth place that tastes like a medal closes out the indoor track season which for Aseer itself is a test of the outdoor season. Zizur’s test is “approved” but for the rest that’s par excellence.

Final Ranking

qualification series time

1 – Petr Svoboda (Czech Republic)7.59

2 – Aaron Mallett (USA)7.61

3 – Gregor Traber (Germany)7.63

4. Asir Martinez 7.67

5 – Nicholas Andrews (Australia) 7.75

6 – Richard Diawara (Mali) 7.98

7 – Johan Chavira (Colombia) 8.01

8 – David Yefremov (Kazakhstan) DQ

semi-finals time

1. Grant Holloway (USA)7.29

2 – Pascal Martinot – Lagarde (France)7.53

3. Asir Martinez7.55

4 – Andrew Pozzi (UK)7.60

5 – Damien Szeker (Poland) 7.61

6 – Hassan Fofana (Italy)7.65

7 – Gregor Traber (Germany)7.67

8 – Kui-Ru Chen (Taipei)7.67

last time

1. Grant Holloway (USA)7.39

2 – Pascal Martinot – Lagarde (France)7.50

3 – Garrett Eaton (USA)7.53

4. Asir Martinez7.57

5 – Chris Douglas (Australia)7.60

6- David King (UK)7.62

7 – Milan Trajkovic (Cyprus)7.62

8 – Wilhelm Beluchian (France)7.67

Grant Holloway (USA) set his world record in the semi-finals with a time of 7.29.

trade mark


Aseer managed to face his best in the semi-finals.

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