Clemente Zavaleta, Argentine polo player arrested in US, responds ‘positively’ to stimuli but remains conservative

Clemente Zavaleta, Argentine polo player arrested in US, responds ‘positively’ to stimuli but remains conservative

Clemente Zavaleta (36) has the polo world on edge and prayers and messages of strength proliferate on the nets to improve his health after a brutal fall he suffered last Thursday while playing a high-handicap tournament in Palm Beach, USA. On Saturday he learned that he had woken up, that he had tried to take off his ventilator and that he had forcibly taken his wife’s hand, the French Amazon. Isabelle Strom (33).

This Sunday, the day a mass was held at the Argentine Polo Association, he learned that Zavaleta was still fighting for his life. As Clarin manages to find out, the son of Maria Emilia Fernandez Rossone of the most famous golden tripletsand Clemente Zavaleta (65), the old glory of Argentine polo, is still on reserve and “still very sedated,” although it responds “positively” to stimuli. Another sign of hope is waiting for all this to become just a bad memory.

As evidenced by the broadcast of the match valid for the World Polo League, the 7th handicap polo player fell with his mare after colliding with an opponent and leaving him unconscious on the field.

As a result of this event, Zavaleta had to be transported by helicopter to a hospital in Florida, where he underwent an emergency operation.

The official medical report of the Medical Center stated that Zavaleta had a stroke in his head along with a brain stem injury, in addition to injuries to the lung and several ribs, and for this he was placed in a coma for surgery, which was successful.

The polo player was playing for Allegria, the team owned by Canadian Fred Mannix, along with Argentine Agustin Merlos and Juan Bolini, against Catamount, featuring Pablo Polito Perez, one of the greatest representatives of Argentine polo in the world.

On Friday, Clarin discovered, he underwent surgery that “goed just fine,” beyond the caution that would have to be handled in this type of intervention.

According to the information that this newspaper was able to gather through the polo player’s inner circle, Corchito’s bleeding had stopped, and since his brain was not very inflamed, the skull bone could be replaced. They also explained that Clemente was stable and was being monitored pending his development.

Zavaleta’s mother, Maria Emilia, one of the Three Golden Twins, has already arrived in the United States to accompany her son, just like his father.

On Friday, Maria Emilia commented in a series of chat messages on Lopez 910, Gustavo Lopez’s program on Radio La Red AM 910.

The sad news has found the former actress and presenter in the middle of a family vacation with her sisters, Maria Laura and Maria Eugenia, along with her mother, Paulina Alicia “Chichita” Ross, along the Argentine coast.

Who is Clemente Zavaleta?

In the world of polo, hardly anyone would call Clemente by his name. It is “Corchetto”. The surname has to do with his father, Clemente “Corcho” Zavaleta, who was the protagonist of high disability in those years of the transition between the farewell of Coronel Suárez and Santa Anna and the emergence of La Espadana and Indios Chabaleofí, in the first half of the 1980s

Although he plays in Argentina and the United States with Allegria, Canadian club Fred Mannix (in fact, he qualified last year to perform in Palermo with Allegria Fish Creek) to which his father has been a reference for nearly 15 years. His colors abroad are those of his wife’s organization, Sainte Mesme.

Isabelle, a professional equestrian he married in 2014 and parents to young Olympia and Asia Eugenie, is the French heiress to Berger Ström’s fortune. When this billionaire passed away in July of last year, he left his daughter a wonderful club located an hour’s drive south of Paris, in a country castle with a castle. She is also the granddaughter of the French aristocrat Robert Zeilinger de Balkany, the owner of a large department store for shopping centers in France and Belgium.

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