A cat and a wolf fight on Surfside Beach, Texas, United States

A cat and a wolf fight on Surfside Beach, Texas, United States
A cat and a wolf fight on Surfside Beach, Texas, United States
The video was shared on the networks. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

in Surfside Beach, Texas, United Statesa A fight between a cat and a wolf It was captured with a surveillance camera. It was noted in the photos how the cat defended itself by throwing claws to save itself.

wolf vs cat

In pictures taken in Surfside Beachshared by an American media, A wolf chasing cats was imagined. When they met face to face, the cat threw some punches.

  • after defense, The wolf kept a little spare and the cat was able to Hide under the table pattern. The fight had barely begun.

The mighty wolf attack was tireless, I was looking forward to biting the pussy all over the place. The cat, with copper fur, came out of its hiding in a series of blows, pushing its opponent back. The fight lasted for about a minute.

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The little wolf-like animal charged, Go down under the “table” to try to get the cat out. He lost the fight for the cats until that point. He hid as much as possible, but the jaws of his fierce enemy did not stop.

Seconds, which seemed like hours to a cat, passed by. The combat area was enclosed in a circular motion with a cover Roof-like fence.

  • top predator launch a new attackbut the cat was too close to the fence, he tried to climb, however, the slip caused an uncoordinated movement and the snout of the ferocious wolf caught him.

It seems that the cat will lose its life; The copper-colored cat was able to respond, firing blows quickly, and making a distance between him and his opponent.

  • you againRatu climbs the fence with a fast movement One of the poles climbed and the wolf could not reach it.

Local media reported that a person provided the video to a Texas television network. Tony Gray witnessed the fight from his balcony.

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“In the video you can hear me knocking on the door to scare the wolf away. The cat was a fighter, and fortunately the wolf was a capricious pup,” he explained to Local Network.

  • On this occasion, fortunately, the cat managed to escape to continue his life

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