A clinic in the United States is begging citizens to get a vaccine against Covid international | News


Most patients in the clinic have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

After the increase in Covid-19 patients due to the emergence of the alternative Omicron, medical centers The Cleveland Clinic posted a video on social media asking people to follow biosecurity measures and thus apply the necessary dose of the vaccine.

It was stated in the video that Ohio Hospitals They are almost at full capacity, and health care personnel do what they can to keep their patients healthy. In addition, it is indicated that the majority of people are hospitalized They have not been vaccinated against COVID-19Therefore, they ask the general population to come in for vaccination.

The United States is once again suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19 infection. Dozens of flights were canceled on Saturday in Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) In Miami International Airport (MIA) amid a rebound in infections due to the omicron variant of covid-19, which raised cases this week to more than 300% compared to the previous case.

Florida broke the record for confirmed COVID-19 cases in a single day by reporting 31,758 new infections on Friday, official sources said.

The 31,758 cases are attributed to last Thursday, according to data published Friday Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from the United States.

Micron spreads faster than other variants. Based on the available information, WHO believes that Omicron is likely to outperform the delta variant in the transmission of COVID-19 in the community. (I)

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