Open Call for Mexico-US Teacher Exchange 2022


the Secretary of Public Education of Hidalgo (SEPH), through the governmental coordination of the Binational Immigrant Education Program, the recall Teachers who work in public schools Entity to participate in Mexico-USA Teacher Exchange Program 2022.

One of the main objectives is to contribute to the promotion of the history, culture, values, national traditions and scholastic knowledge of Mexican students and students of Mexican descent living in the United States, in order to Strengthening the national identity and improving the quality of their education in their formative processes.

Likewise, it seeks to promote permanent communication between teachers of the American Federation and Mexico, with the aim of exchanging experiences in the educational mission that leads to the improvement of the teaching and learning processes in basic education.

It also aims to promote the teaching of mathematics, reading, writing, science, history and other areas that allow the integrated formation of students.

the Participants will exchange technical, pedagogical and methodological experiences in pre-school, primary, secondary and/or secondary schools. With educational authorities requesting teachers.

In the classroom, they will attend, in coordination and supervision with faculty, Mexican girls, boys, and youths of Mexican descent, as well as Hispanics and other nationalities, respecting the principles of inclusive education from working in multicultural contexts.


In order to participate, teachers They must be Mexican nationals, have a valid passport as of December 31, 2022 and have no criminal record in Mexico or the United States.

In addition, you have a Bachelor’s degree and professional degree in a pre-school, primary, secondary, secondary, Indigenous, special education, educational field of a regular school, a regular upper school, a national educational university, or its equivalent in another institution of higher education in the national educational system.

Teaching pre-school, primary, secondary, Indigenous, special education and/or National English Program teachers, among other requirements.

Interested parties can refer to the call on the SEPH page:

Those who meet the requirements should email [email protected] or call (771) 299 5369 for more information. The call ends on Friday, January 21, 2022.


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