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A creative team from HBO Max and CNN Films has decided to highlight the group’s gender-discrimination lawsuit against that country’s football association, which began three months before the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup ™.

The audiovisual program will feature interviews with players Jessica MacDonald, Becky Sauerbrunn, Kelly O’Hara, Sam Moyes and Megan Rapinoe, the ultimate symbol of women’s football and a prominent women’s rights advocate.

“The battle is much bigger than us and the women’s national team. We are doing it for the next generation of players and women of the world, in all industries and spheres of life (…), as expressed by Rapinoe, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The team captain made headlines not only for her superb performance during the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, but also for her refusal to sing the notes of her national anthem.

This performance became a form of protest against FIFA, which fixed the finals of the World Cup, Gold Cup and America’s Cup on the same day, resulting in less visibility for the sport performed by women.

Likewise, the soccer star has spoken out against racist and xenophobic speeches and the actions of former US President Donald Trump, endorsing his guilt for what happened on Capitol Hill.

The film, available on HBO Max YouTube, will be directed by Andrea Knicks Fine and Sean Fine, and is described as an “unbound inner tale”.

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