A drone skeleton “invades” the streets of Dubai on the occasion of Halloween

A drone skeleton “invades” the streets of Dubai on the occasion of Halloween

a night Halloween It became a spectacle Drones Coordinated in Dubai. Passers-by in the streets witnessed a Giant skeleton “The Lost One” amidst the celebration of October 31st.

If there is one thing that distinguishes an anniversary, it is the ingenuity and creativity with which all kinds of decorations are executed to show how much one loves the event. Halloween night. In this way, one of the companies formed the huge skull between skyscrapers.

The decoration caused a great stir among people, as the drones created a three-dimensional effect that gave it the appearance of emerging from the tower itself. Burj Khalifa. To their surprise, they took out their cell phones and documented the moment.

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The images have become popular on various platforms and are one of the company’s classic offerings geoscanwho usually recreate silhouettes in the air with the help of drones.

The company used nearly two thousand devices to bring back to life the giant skull that invaded the streets of Dubai. And on his official account Instagram They showed more details of the skeleton.

Geoscan’s offer is the first in its category, and they have a presence in other celebrations, such as Chinese New Year, or simply dedicate themselves to recreating iconic museums and structures from different parts of the world.

The footballer’s face was one of his most widespread creations Lionel Messi Along with the flag of Argentina.

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“Portraits continue to be one of the most sought-after collections among our customers and it’s understandable: our creative team has nailed it art “To attract famous people with thousands of flying points,” they detailed in the drone demo model.

Like a giant skeleton HalloweenTheir creations rely on the synchronization of said technological devices that exchange the colors of their lights to create 3D effects.

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