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Alex Dietrich, former United States fighter pilotTalk about his experience See the existence of a UFO, about the next day Unidentified flying object report It will be published by the US government at the end of June.

Among his statements, Dietrich noted that during routine training on the naval ship Nitmes, off the coast of Southern California in November 2004, the aircraft carrier Princeton asked Dietrich and his commander in chief David Fravor to investigate the matter. Maybe UFO in the region.

The video of the UFO seen by Alex Dietrich is known as the “Tic Tac Video”. | Photo: Reuters.

“We noticed something in the water that seemed to bother it or cause it to vibrate. We all looked at the same side of the water, and were able to visually catch what we describe as ticks, because that’s what it looks like. It was a A white rectangular body that is moving very fast.”

according to Pilot, Commander Fravor wanted to confront him, so he maneuvered to try to get some corners; However, he did not recognize it.

“We were surprised because it didn’t appear to have any visible flight control surfaces or means of propulsion,” Dietrich remembers.

Alex Dietrich. | Photo: Reuters.

The Video of what Dietrich and Fravor saw that day Popularly known as “Tic-Tac Video”, And it will be part of The following US government report along with two other declassified recordings, Taken aboard that country’s Navy combat aircraft in 2015, presumably showing UFO Unknown atmospheric phenomena.

The Three grainy black and white videos, titled “GIMBAL”, “GOFAST” and “FLIR1”, were released over four months in 2017 and 2018 by To the Star Academy of Arts and Sciences.

But until 2019, it attracted more attention, since then The US Navy confirmed to various media that these were authentic.

Despite being one of the people who might have been in front of a UFO, The former member of the Navy asserts that she does not know what this flying object is.

“We don’t know what it was, but it could be a natural phenomenon in human activity. But the point is, it was weird and we couldn’t recognize it.”

Dietrich said Desire to reduce the stigma associated with reporting UFO sightings, So he hopes more people will speak up without fear of being ridiculed.

“People can be worried about their career or their church or something. They don’t want to be the flamboyant one. UFOSo I guess I’m trying to normalize it by talking about it.” Indian.

That is, in the past weeks, the public’s charm has awakened Unidentified flying objects Derived from the next day The report will be published at the end of JuneIncluding the newspaper New York times Provided preliminary details.

“People came to me with questions and interrogations, and again, as a military officer on a government plane, I feel a duty and obligation to answer and share what I see if people have questions.”

Hence the game lovers UFO Expect Unexplained Revelations Many believe the government has tried to discredit or cover them up for decades.

However, senior US officials cited the times They said the report’s ambiguity meant that The government cannot categorically rule out theories that unspecified phenomena can be extraterrestrial in nature.

for this part, Pilot He said he had no say in the report, but maintained an interest in hearing more pilots who had seen the same scenes.

believers UFOSkeptics and conspiracy theorists have been hunting Dietrich since he reported his writing Seeing a UFO, where the issue receives widespread attention, even with Intervention of former President Barack Obama. Dietrich expects that interest in this controversial topic will gradually fade away.

“I wish I wasn’t the one “Tic-Tac UFO” for the rest of my life. This is not what I imagined for myself, Alex Dietrich said.

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