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On Bangladesh They found a huge body of Ballina Stranded on the beach, then found out a secondWhich was photographed by Tourists and curious Scattered in the area.

What is known about the stuck whale issue in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, they found huge corpses of whales stranded on a beach. Photo: AFP

Corpses from Whales Were found On Saturday, the authorities announced, on the same area of ​​the Bangladeshi coast, two days apart, that they may be victims of marine pollution.

The largest of cetaceans, a fin whale, a delinquentHamshari Beach Close to the spa De Cox’s Bazar Saturday morning, two kilometers from where the first whale of the same species was discovered.

“The animal carcass found today is 50 feet (16 meters) long and 10 (3 meters) wide. It weighs between 3 and 4 tons.”

Jahir Al Islam, Director of the Marine Life Alliance Association

Why did whales die in Bangladesh?

According to the association’s director and specialist, Can whales After he died in colliding with a ship that was sailing Through the Bay of Bengal Or after eating plastic waste at sea.

Photo: AFP

We think they are dead after consuming polluted plastics and waste. Although an animal has a sign of injury on its back, it could crash into a high-speed boat. ”

Jahir Al Islam, Director of the Marine Life Alliance Association

Spokesperson Environment Service of Bangladesh He explained that samples were taken from cetacean carcasses for examination.

Two other whales were stranded inside Cox’s Bazar beaches in 1996 and 2006So the condition of these stranded and dead whales in Bangladesh looks strange.

He said the waters of the Bay of Bengal were highly polluted, which could also be the cause of the whale deaths. Muhammad is the martyr of the world, Professor at the Institute of Marine and Fisheries Sciences.

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