Kim Jong Un executes a minister: He didn’t make enough video calls


Kim Jong Un A government official executed from North Korea After your department hasn’t organized enough video calls They complained about the workloadAccording to sources in the Asian country citing it Mirror.

Based on the reports, The unidentified high-ranking Minister of Education was sentenced to death By the ruler after investigating the reason for his oath He was not making satisfactory progress.20 replied

not enough

the middle Daily NRK It was reported that there was a report on the results of the investigation Ministry of Higher Education, Implemented by the Administration for Regulation and Guidance (ODG).

“Not enough efforts were made” to properly implement the document, the document said Distance Education LawAccording to these media.

Criticize the government

“The Destination Management Office conducted an investigation because the committee had not made any progress and for what reason Some criticized the government’s policiesThe text says.

The allegations also reportedly included members of the constituency who “They complained at every meeting” About his work, others questioned the lack of state resources.

online education

The inspectors are also said to have highlighted slow implementation Distance education policy, which was considered a poor progress.

After the minister’s death, the new committee was “reorganized” under the leadership of Ri Jok Chul, Kim Il-Sung University president, adds the report.

Among the new measures, “they planned Video conferencing Periodically “.

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