A Look at the Major Motivational Factors that Influence Sports Spectatorship


For enthusiastic sports fans, there is truly nothing like being seated up close and personal to the live action

Why do people travel far distances in airplanes, trains, and automobiles to attend sporting events, or drop hundreds of dollars on sports merchandise to show off at important live competitions? Sports fandom and spectatorship is a mystery to some, but to those dedicated followers who live for the game, it makes perfect sense. In fact, in a recent 2021 survey that explored sports followership populations in the U.S., it was recorded that a whopping 25% of individuals describe themselves as ‘avid’ fans, with 48% identifying as ‘casual’ fans. So, with such a large majority of sports fans in general, what is it that motivates them to hit the court, field, or turf and cheer on their teams in person? In this article we explore the most probable factors that influence sports spectatorship.

Team/Player Support

Many fans are motivated to attend live games, sometimes traveling long hours, simply for the ability to support the teams and players they already follow on a daily basis. After all, one of the biggest parts of fandom is keeping up with the stats and odds of sports franchises during both the season and off-season. Of course, fans can watch these heated matchups from the comfort of their own living rooms, but after continuously analysing their team’s info from home, it can be a invaluable experience to actually put names to real-life faces, cheering on those athletes in person that they may have only read about previously online or seen in T.V. interviews.

Under this same line of thought, dedicated fans may also be motivated by the opportunity to show live support for those organisations that they have placed sports bets on prior to the game. Wagering has always been another important aspect of sports followership which adds a whole other dynamic to spectatorship. When fans attend live competitions, they are even more excited to see and support those players whom they have placed bets on. Nowadays, virtual betting platforms are enabling sports followers to wager in different categories remotely and around the clock. This means that fans can place bets before, after, or even in the heat of live matchups. For example, when it comes to online betting PA, residents have access to both mobile wagering apps and online services that make betting on a variety of sports and players possible. One thing’s for certain: fans that are able to root for their favorite athletes in a live setting are undoubtedly happy fans.

Social Benefits

Sports bring people together, plain and simple. Attending a live event is a way to get friends and loved ones together in the same space, enjoying time spent together, and sometimes, a shared interest and passion. Live games also carve out the opportunity for people to eat, drink, laugh, and exchange stories. Often times, tailgating is a huge part of sports attendance, especially in leagues like the NFL and during college football season. Although tailgating is generally considered to be one big party that takes place before a game, it is actually a long-lived community-building exercise.

Whether it’s cheering on your team with people you came with or making new friends with those seated next to you in the stands, there are major social benefits associated with sports. Of course, this all depends on the size of your team or stadium, as smaller, local games may bring a different air of comradery with them. However, regardless of the competition and its venue, fans are guaranteed to have unforgettable social experiences on game days.

Entertaining, Live Atmosphere

There’s no denying that a live sporting event brings a certain air of energy and excitement with it. With some stadiums amassing total capacities of over 50,000, the orchestra of voices rooting together in unison can make fans feel butterflies somewhere deep in their gut.

The opportunity for live entertainment is also an attractive factor. For example, national anthems are commonly performed by famous faces. In fact, just this past year, the Super Bowl hosted country music superstar Eric Church and R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan.

Halftime shows are another reason to attend live sports games. These entertaining spectacles often include an array of famous singers or dancers on the big stage. For example, the NFL Super Bowl has one of the most sought-after halftime shows in the world of sports, inviting dozens of top-notch performers over the years like Beyoncé, Shakira, Katy Perry, and even the late Michael Jackson.

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