A meteor lights up the sky during a baseball game; Watch the video

The fall of the meteorite occurred on June 9. Image: Image taken from YouTube.

Those who attend the game Baseball for children in the United States Watch a surprising phenomenon recorded in the video.

Mark Rose, the father of a family who attended the game in which his 6-year-old son participated, filmed a clip meteor When the meeting is taking place.

The appearance of the orb was recorded in June 9 in Jacksonville (Florida, USA).

The passage of the luminous body can be seen along the Atlantic coast of Florida, from Jacksonville Beach to south of Miami. Social network users shared videos of the event.

The great being who soared in the sky is confirmed by Tampa Bay National Weather ServiceThere have been several reports from people who have seen it.

Did you see a meteor tonight? We’ve had some reports about one to see from #SWFL! The #GOES-16 geostationary lightning chart (GLM) appears to have caught the bright meteor as it burned from the #flwx shoreline.

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