A mysterious rock found by the rover could shed light on the existence of life on Mars

A mysterious rock found by the rover could shed light on the existence of life on Mars

We live in a really exciting time for space exploration enthusiasts.

The Rover tenacity Keep doing a great job Millions of kilometers from Earth He never ceases to amaze locals and outsiders alike with his interviews and photographs that give us an up-to-date view of the surface condition of the Red Planet. The NASA is clear about its plans to put humans on Mars And the first of them goes through the collection of sufficient rock samples, which will be analyzed in the next decade on Earth. within, We’re observing Curiosity that could give us clues about the formation of Mars.

Image of a Martian rock with an unknown substance inside

Image of a Martian rock with unknown material inside. Twitter

Perseverance continues to collect samples from Mars for future analysis on Earth

Recently, as you can see in Tweet Perseverance that we show you under these lines, we were able to find out a Curious sandstone formationwhose form, at first impression, surprises those who see it, though it is only a part of surface treatment process What does the rover do with the scraping tool The one he carries with him has nothing to do with the space formations. In this case, round geometry is the fault of persistence, in its attempt View more details about the composition of the Martian soilwhich in this case appears to contain a different substance below the rock shown.

The rover is currently in Jezero crater, specifically in an area called Yuri Pass, which is nothing more than a delta from the famous crater. Since it seems likely that this place was covered in water in the past, it is a really important area where rock samples are collected. Just like her NASA reported on its website:

This discovery is very tempting for scientists, because it is a sandstone, consisting of fine grains that were transported from another place through the water before settling and forming rocks.

One of the big goals from passage rover on Mars reveal the presence of biomarkers In these rocks, something is defined as “any feature, element, molecule, material, or aspect that could serve as evidence of ancient life.” It doesn’t look like we will, for the time being, have definitive answers, at least until the Mars sample return mission, through which We’ve shown you the epic trailer, is terminated. even so, The rover’s optimism is reassuring. He himself, understanding NASA’s life-giving rover game, has posted that:

Surface exploration with abrasive augers shows that this rock contains veins of light matter within it. Could it contain evidence of ancient life?

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