Do you have apps on your mobile phone that are not working well? The latest news from Google for you

Do you have apps on your mobile phone that are not working well?  The latest news from Google for you

From now on, the Google Play Store will make sure you have the latest version of the apps when they fail.

that Android is an open platform And with this disparity in different devices it has good things and also some other things that are quite negative, and this is despite all the tests done by the developers and beta testers Apps don’t always work as they should on all deviceswhich sometimes makes the experience not entirely satisfying.

Perhaps for this reason and because Not all users have to be power users With the knowledge to solve it “accidents” and force closing your apps, Google has started working on a possible solution natively in your Play Store content store.

Android applications

When your apps are not working properly, Google Play will make sure to update them.

Our colleagues told us Android Policewhich scores Change affiliate Google Play Services November Update Discover a very interesting improvement, with which the Android operating system itself will be the same, if an error occurs in any application, Automatically notify user to update it.

Pray like this The message that Google Play will display for users (still in beta):

The app has stopped working, but the latest app update may fix the problem. Install the update and then open the app again. If you want to update later, go to %1$s on Google Play.

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Obviously this will be shown to the user As long as Google Play detects an update To apply buggy, which will help to avoid Problems caused by fragmentation and changing APIs when we install one Major update the system.

They say it from Google “It will help users resolve app crashes with new update prompts”which it certainly is An encouraging message that’s a little more than just a can “force close” that have been shown so far, which left the defenseless user having to go clear the cache and data of the app, try to reinstall it manually or do this kind of Basic common troubleshooting tasks.

The development is not complete yet, but they tell us about it by chains It is possible for the message to give the option to update directly and automatically Without the need to go to Google Play explicitly, although this is true They will need to complete these instructions on how to upgrade later In the event that we do not have a good internet connection or we are unable to update at that time.

Google idea Make sure all users are updated Both system and applications, which is always something we highly recommend Avoid various vulnerabilities and problems, but many users find it boring. In fact, it is most likely all related to Automatic update implemented by Google during upload The device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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