A plane in which Farruko was traveling made an emergency landing in the United States

A plane in which Farruko was traveling made an emergency landing in the United States

that airplane Where he was traveling Puerto Rican reggaeton Farruko I had to land Emergency At an airport in Texas (USA) in the early hours of Wednesday, according to the artist himself on social media.

Farruko apologizes for his songs and turns his concert into a “Mass”

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“The emergency landing was so tense there but we were with dad, God knows what he’s doing. I love you dad’s grax might have been worse (sic),” he said The exponent Attend a story on your account Instagram.

Farruko was traveling with his crew, including his director and show producer, Jose “Pompey” Vallejoto Las Vegas (USA), where it will be presented tomorrow, Thursday at Latin American Music Awards 2022.

In these accolades in Las Vegas, Farruko has many awards NominationsAmong them, Artist of the Year, Favorite Artist – Male and Favorite Song – Urban for “Bibas”.

Farruko and Vallejo posted their Instagram stories the moment they were told it was necessary to ground Emergency in the event of an alleged aircraft malfunction.

“God certainly planned everything,” Vallejo said. “The emergency landing was nothing more than a great fear and it reminds us of how grateful we are every day when God allows us to open our eyes!”

The producer also acknowledged the “fantastic work of the crew and all emergency services at the airport we landed at.”

The organizer of the Tu Música Urbano Awards in Puerto Rico added: “God is good! Blessings to all! #God planned everything #Grateful.”


Farruko gives his first concert in Puerto Rico after religious conversion

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A few months ago, Farruko. Surprised In the middle of a concert in Miami (USA), upon the announcement of his transformation into gospel He apologized for the content of his songs.

“I didn’t know the message I was saying in my songs,” the urban artist told attendees at the FTX Arena in Miami, who he assured them “no matter what happens in your life, God loves you.”

During the confession to the audience, the urban artist claimed to have met “with Papa Dios”.

“Today I can say that God deals with me,” Farruko said, after recounting different situations in his life and his desire for success and fame.

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