A salute to the Ugandan police for their service in Somalia


Mogadishu, Somalia, February 21, 2022, – /African Information Agency (AMA)/- The African Union Mission (AMISOM) awarded medals to a Ugandan Formed Police Unit (FPU) personnel unit in recognition of his contribution to peace and security in Somalia.

160 policemen from Unit 9 of the Uganda Federal Police Unit are scheduled to return home after completing one year and three months of service with AMISOM.

AMISOM personnel supported their counterparts in the Somali police force to secure the elections. They also performed tasks such as guarding government facilities, conducting patrols, ensuring public order, and guarding high-ranking dignitaries and events.

A medal ceremony was held in Mogadishu, on Sunday, which was attended by the African Union Police Command.

AMISOM Police Commissioner, Deputy Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Augustin Magnus Kayle, commended the outgoing unit for her professionalism and contribution to the peace process in Somalia.

AIGP Kailie added: “I would like to congratulate you for your courage. It is time to go home now. It is not easy to be on a mission like this.”

AIGP Kailie also commended Unity for their cordial working relationship with their counterparts in the Nigerian Police Force while carrying out their assigned duties.

AMISOM Police Reform, Restructuring and Development Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner of Police (ACP) Maxwell Chikungoro, commended the staff for their contribution to the successful implementation of the mandate of the police mission.

“During my time here, we have achieved many things thanks to your dedication and support. Thank you for excelling in your duties,” said Shikongoro.

Also during the ceremony, the outgoing FPU Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP) Helen Opole, handed over duties to the new commander, Police Superintendent (SP) Issu Obio Atorum.

In his remarks, Obol praised the outgoing officers and employees of the unit for their contribution to the Somali peace process.

“Thank you so much for your commitment, hard work, teamwork and contribution to peace,” commented SSP Obol.

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