The United States has warned that Russia has drawn up a list of people to be assassinated after the invasion of Ukraine

The United States has warned that Russia has drawn up a list of people to be assassinated after the invasion of Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin last October. The Kremlin would have drawn up a detailed list of figures who could be killed or imprisoned in concentration camps once Russia invaded Ukraine (Reuters)

Government United State He sent a letter to the head of the human rights department at The United Nations in Geneva saying he hasreliable informationCollected by Russian forces List of Ukrainian citizens to be killed or sent to concentration camps after the invasion And the Russian occupation of the country, according to a copy of the letter obtained Sunday The New York Times.

The message is addressed to Michelle BacheletHC of United nations For human rights, she also said that Russian forces planned to carry out widespread human rights abuses, which in the past included torture and kidnapping of civilians.

It is likely that the targets will be people who are opposed to Russian actions, including Dissidents from Russia and Belarus living in Ukraine, journalists, anti-corruption activists, members of ethnic and religious minorities and the LGBTQ community.

We also have credible information that Russian forces are likely to use lethal measures to disperse peaceful protests or to counter peaceful exercises in what is perceived to be civilian resistance.‘ says the letter, signed by Bathsheba Neil CrockerAmbassador United State before office The United Nations in Geneva.

Three US officials confirmed the authenticity and content of the letter. Monday, Dmitriy S. Peskovspokesperson KremlinHe denied the existence of such a list. “This is fully component‘He told reporters.’There is no such list. It’s false“.

Foreign Policy It was reported for the first time on Friday that US agencies have information about “kill listRussian and Washington Post The letter was first reported on Sunday.

It was stated in the letter that United States Secretary of State, Anthony J. BlinkinHe raised human rights concerns with the United Nations Security Council when he addressed that body on Thursday. “In particular, he stated that the United States has information indicating that Russia will target specific groups of Ukrainians.The message said.

in that session, Blinkin He told Russian officials that they could show the world their peaceful intentions by not invading Ukraine and addressing their grievances through diplomacy. Blinkin planning to meet Sergey in LavrovThe Russian foreign minister, is in Europe this Thursday, unless Russia invades Ukraine first.

President Biden And the Blinkin He said that US intelligence indicates that the Russian President Vladimir Putin Already decided to invade. In the past weeks, put it in Gathered up to 190,000 soldiers around Ukraine. The rebels supported by Russia In the east, they intensified their artillery bombardment on the Ukrainian military forces in recent days.

put it in invaded parts of Ukraine In 2014 the peninsula was annexed Crimea. Biden He promised to impose harsh economic sanctions on Russia Yes put it in make another invasion.

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