A sea lion chases tourists on a San Diego beach: the strange explanation behind it

A sea lion chases tourists on a San Diego beach: the strange explanation behind it

A movie-like video has sparked a new fear among many sea lovers. In the photos, dozens of San Diego beachgoers escaped to escape Two sea lions took them with increasing speed from shore in La Jolla BayAnd the A popular area to see these animals, which usually rest on the rocks in all their splendor. Apparently, these two mammals had a lot of energy and gave visitors fears that they would soon forget.

The recording became a reminder of the importance of respecting the animals’ space. On this occasion, the clip showed how he bathes out of curiosity, They were approaching the sea lions that were in a restricted area near the rocks on the shore. The connection was perceived by the animals, who started the race to drive away the visitors and succeeded, as they ran terrified.

Sea lions scare visitors from a beach in San Diego

Once the sea lions managed to clear their space, they made their way into the water and it was the swimmers’ turn to put their evasive maneuvers into action. According to a report NBCOn the beach there are many signs that remind people to stay away. However, they decide to ignore them.

La Jolla is a popular place to watch sea lionsTrip Advisor

La Jolla Cove, the race site, is open to swimmers and adventurers. However, since last year, San Diego authorities have agreed to close from May 1 to October 31 So as not to disturb the animals in the breeding season. This measurement is not for the entire place, it covers from La Jolla Point, to the northeast adjacent to Ellen Browning Scripps Park.

La Jolla is a popular place to watch sea lions
La Jolla is a popular place to watch sea lions

In statements conveyed San Diego Union-Tribune, Sea lion expert Eric Augen of Seaworld San Diego said such behavior was normal at that time of year when males quarrel.

Indeed, according to the specialist, one of the males was running because the other was chasing after him, in a fight for the females. You know this because No sea lions They were able to attack people directlyAnd the But they decided to continue. Also, it wouldn’t be anything new. “He has swimmers around him when he goes out, but that doesn’t bother him. In fact, What this whole situation is about is their right to mateOtjen explained. He also described that the reason this recording went viral until it crossed over ten million views on TikTok, is that everyone is being terrified, Almost as if “Godzilla was chasing them”.

However, Otjen believes that in a situation like this there is nothing better to do. He added, “You don’t want to be caught in the crossfire…even if he doesn’t bite you, it doesn’t feel great to have 200 and 300 pounds walking over you.”

Although it is common for tours to meet them, there are some measures that cannot be left aside. According to guidelines from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office, People should respect a distance of at least 15 meters from sea lionsseals and other species protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

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