A shooting in the United States in the middle of Halloween night, injuring three children

A shooting in the United States in the middle of Halloween night, injuring three children

At least 13 people, including three minors, were injured in a shooting incident recorded in the US city of Chicago, Illinois, during Halloween night.

According to Chicago police, at least two people opened fire from a car into a crowd that was gathering in Garfield Park, a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city.

According to Police Superintendent David Brown, the injured are in “various conditions” ranging from critical to non-fatal. “We also have a person who was hit by a car,” he added.

Among the 13 victims were three minors: a three-year-old boy, an 11-year-old girl and another under 13, police said in a statement compiled by CNN. The authorities are already immersed in the investigation of what happened, and they already have a video in which the shooting can be seen “within seconds,” according to Officer Brown.

More shootings in the US

Horror moments experienced by the residents of Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States, after the local police reported that a person had been shot in the streets of the city.

According to the above, preliminary information has been shared by the Memphis Police Department via the official Twitter account, He tweeted a photo of the alleged attacker, a 19-year-old African American known as Ezekiel Kelly.

As reported by the police, this individual was driving in a blue Infiniti and was later seen in a gray Toyota. In this sense, the authorities asked the community to stay alert, because this man was shooting from left and right.

“The car appears to have a red dealer sign and a burnt out rear window.”Detailed information from the police.

in addition to, The police explained that this person was transmitting this horrific criminal act through his personal account on Facebook, via a He lives. We receive reports that you are broadcasting your actions on Facebook. We do not have your exact location‘, as stated in the statement shared by Memphis Police.

According to unofficial information, the attacker left two victims during the shooting. One of them, shot, was pronounced dead at the place where he was found. On the other hand, the woman is in critical condition after being shot.

however, In the middle of sending his Facebook account, Ezekiel confirmed that he had killed at least five people, information that authorities have yet to make public.

It is currently known that this man crashed and ran away. Likewise, the police force is doing its own investigation work to find out the whereabouts of this alleged killer.

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