Francesco Biazizi has been honored by the United Nations for his project in Uganda

Francesco Biazizi has been honored by the United Nations for his project in Uganda

According to the Ugandan Statistics Office, the country has a deficit of 2.1 million housing units, which has been increasing alarmingly since 2023, and this problem is expected to reach three million units, and the goal of the alliance between these three organizations is to provide decent housing for the population. Ugandan families. Échale international’s mission is to build sustainable community development through social inclusion in building housing and community infrastructure around the world. The houses are built using the international Échale ecoblock, which consists of pressed earth bricks, produced with 90% local soil and 10% amalgamation of cement, lime, sand and water, so it is environmentally sustainable.

Throw it out, Mexican mannequin

Échale is a model born in Mexico, technology eco block It was developed by Mexican engineers and is now applied in this project. “Putting one foot out of the country and putting our solution to the test in the face of global competition (which is healthy competition), is not looking to see who makes the most money, but rather to find the one who can provide the solutions. Africa has serious problems with water, homes and It has a system for collecting and purifying water, there are common tanks, and everyone will participate in solving this need, and this is a very important step for harmony and understanding in society,” we Piazzizi account.

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