A strange green fireball lights up the Argentine sky – Uno TV

A strange green fireball lights up the Argentine sky – Uno TV
A strange green fireball lights up the Argentine sky – Uno TV
A strange green fireball lit up the sky over several provinces in Argentina. Photo: Getty Images (Illustrative)

A meteorite fell in the northeast of Argentinaluminous for a few moments of green color, the sky of the different provinces. The “balloon” notice him Long trail when entering the atmosphere And to create a powerful explosion that was difficult for the people of the region to ignore.

The green fireball It could be seen last Thursday 11:51 PM In the night space of several provinces Argentinawhere users of social networks reported seeing a file transient explosion of light.

Where can the green fireball be observed?

city ​​dwellers Cordoba, Santa Fe s Santiago del Estero who – which can appreciate The green fireballThey said he came with a intense green flashIn addition to hearing a loud explosion.

The green fireball Can be captured by various Surveillance Cameras s homemade videos from the population themselves Argentina.

Mercedes Gomez, Director Cordoba Astronomical ObservatoryAnd the Argentinaexplained that it is a rock from interplanetary space that entered our atmosphere, attracted by the mass and gravitational field in Earth.

mention it when Earth Attract this object, gain great speed and become shining as the high temperatures burn the object and disintegrate, generating a fireball that can be seen in the sky.

“That’s why it looks like a ball of fire or a glowing ball.”

Mercedes Gómez, Director of the Astronomical Observatory in Cordoba, Argentina

The Argentine expert pointed out that some in the past meteorites that fell Earth If they cause harm, But some people are not seen or even noticed when they enter the atmosphere.

The local authorities have not yet determined the point of impact. meteorNo physical damage was reported during the fall of the spatial object.

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