EU: a woman and a fox in a fierce quarrel; The attack is spreading viral

EU: a woman and a fox in a fierce quarrel; The attack is spreading viral. Photo: Cuartoscuro | file, archive

a Unfamiliar battle Caught on video tape between a woman and foxin New York, USA, after the animal rabies patientyour attacked victim while she was talking phone; However, the reaction Defense From the person who left a lot of talk.

This was a fight between a fox and a woman

Across social networksPictures of the attack began to spread, which was transformer in surly fight between A woman and a fox in a state of anger. According to the registration, you can cherished Such as Ms He’s talking on the phone at yard from him a house When, surprisingly, animal Wild break into your its origin and attacks her.

With complete stealth, the fox approaches the woman and gives it to her First attack to me Victim’s legwho is far from escaping from his strange assailant, Face separated from bite.

However, the fight It was far from over, because the Fox Does not seem to Give up and continue with bites to me Women who defends himself with kicks so he can take wild animals s Throw it away from her.

Although it seems that after bitesAnd the kicks even HurdlesThe fight could have ended, that wasn’t the case, since no the Fox not even Women They were willing to surrender and walk away, and even animal managed to catch up how much subordinate Ms Who can give? He turns to free himself from his attacker.

was even a menarmed with StickHe came out to defend the woman that the Fox decided to give Walk behind to her attacks and run away from the place While The Women I know He examined the wounds.

Pictures were taken with CCTV cameras at the place The date is from July 25 in New York, United States; However, the strange fight between woman and foxIt recently started spreading viral digital platforms.

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