A total of 146 young people are participating in the Collaborative Basque Youth Programme, which meets this weekend in Pariah – Spain

A total of 146 young people are participating in the Collaborative Basque Youth Programme, which meets this weekend in Pariah – Spain

The program is developing its own phase by selecting participants in projects developed by NGOs from the Basque Country in the countries of the South

A total of 146 young people, between the ages of 22 and 30, will take part this weekend in the participant selection sessions for the 2023 edition of the Euskadiko Gazteak Lankidetzan / Cooperating Basque Youth Program being held at the Albergue de Brea.

Promoted and organized by the Youth Directorate of the Basque Government and the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation, Elankidetza, this programme, seeks to “raise awareness among Basque youth of South-South cooperation activities and to promote a culture of solidarity between peoples and cultures.”

Of the total 146 persons shortlisted for the development of cooperation actions in the countries of America, Africa and Asia, 114 are women and 32 are men. Regarding their origin, 22 are from Alava, 75 are from Bizkaia and 49 are from Gipuzkoa.

On April 26, the selection committee for the ‘Euskadiko Gazteak Lankidetzan / Cooperating Basque Youth’ programme, made up of representatives from the Basque Country Development Cooperation Agency, Youth Directorate, Basque Youth Council and various development NGOs, pre-selected 146 young people. To participate in this selection phase that will take place from 12 to 14 May at the Barria Inn.

During this weekend, the suitability of pre-selected people will be assessed according to projects offered by NGOs in the Basque Country.

For this, with an assessment of up to a maximum of 50 percent, the contribution of the people involved in the different dynamics and activities that are carried out will be assessed, as well as their ability to join the project, their interpersonal skills, and their motivation, among others. On the other hand, with a maximum assessment of another 50 percent, the suitability of the profile of the chosen person to the characteristics of the selected collaboration projects will be taken into account.

During the meeting, the committee shall select a maximum of 100 regular persons who will participate in the training phase, and replacement persons will also be appointed in anticipation of possible resignations.

On May 15, it will be published in www.gazteaukera.eus List of selected persons. The profiles of the people to be selected can be very diverse and must respond to the different needs of collaboration projects: education, social work, psychology, equality, observation, communication and design, computing, nursing, engineering, agriculture, mechanics or electricity, among others. .


training phase

Once the 100 people participating in the program have been selected, the training phase will take place on May 20 and 21, also in the Barria hostel, with the aim of training and raising awareness among young people and, in turn, the awarded project.

Among others, the training will address topics such as development cooperation, the role of NGOs, equality and development, security in countries, and the Sustainable Development Goals. This training will be delivered by Elankidetza, EGK, NGO Coordinator for Development in the Basque Country and ONGD.

At the end of June, air tickets will be delivered, and at the beginning of July they will start going to each of the assigned projects.

The Youth Department, in collaboration with the Basque Cooperation Agency (Elankidetza), has selected 37 projects to develop these volunteer experiences in development NGOs in countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, in America, Guinea Conakry, Rwanda, Senegal and Uganda. In Africa.

The Basque NGOs participating this year are the San Viator Solidarity Service Association (SERSO), Medicus Mundi Bizkaia, Vitoria Basque Diocesan Missions, Taupadak, Haurralde Fundazioa, Ayuda en Acción, Human Maritime Rescue Association, World Rural Forum, Egoaizia Association for Development missions Salesian, Passionate Sisters, Jorge Adolfo Frater Romero Association, Union and Support Association of Pular Speaker – Haaly Pular, Africanist Manuel Iradier, Saluganda Elkartea, International Solidarity, ICLI-Engineering for Cooperation.

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