A touching gesture by Facundo Campazzo with a Uruguayan boy who battles cancer

A touching gesture by Facundo Campazzo with a Uruguayan boy who battles cancer
Campazzo sent a message to a young man with cancer

Facundo Campazzo He is Argentinian, but since he arrived in NBA He became a player followed by basketball fans of various latitudes. In addition, it is known that the base of the day from Denver Nuggets He is someone who always lends itself to helping those in need.

In the last hours, a story broke out in Uruguay. A few days ago, Mighty Alvarez He posted a message on his account Twitter Who said it started Campaign for the largest collection of basketball jerseys to help his cousin Ignacio who is undergoing cancer treatment. A year ago.

“You know, mood plays a major role, so a week ago I promised to bring him all the basketball jerseysAnd the young Uruguayan man wrote, “And that we will have the largest group until the treatment is completed.”

“Promises must be kept, so I started with one, got another, but I realized I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own, and I asked for help,” added Mighty, who, as of publishing, last Monday, May 3, they had received ten shirts.

According to the protagonist of the story, L.The campaign was the rage in the networks, so much so that it reached Campazzo himself. Cordoba player joined and sent a video sensation to Nacho from the USA. “I wanted to send you a very big greeting, a very strong hug. I will think of you this Monday, and I will send a lot of strength to you so that everything goes well.”She said the Argentine team’s rule regarding the surgical intervention that the youngster will undergo in a few days.

“I know you will recover quickly so you can play basketball with your friends again, which is what you want most. I can’t wait to be able to play basketball again and see yourself having fun, so I send you a big hug and great strength.”Campazzo concluded in the photos Mighty released herself.

Might with her cousin Nacho

“Nacho’s face when I watch this video will be saved my whole life. Thank you Fako. The smile is indelible again.”, He wrote on his Twitter account next to his video # 7 from the Denver Nuggets.

The young Uruguayan woman explained that she was touched by the public interest in her cousin. “If you happen to be one of those people who are worried about my cousin, who sent us a video, brought us a T-shirt, lit a candle, or asked us about his condition, I would like to say thank you,” he explained.

In addition, in dialogue with the local environment TelemundoMaite said that There were so many T-shirts he got that he had to list them one by one in a spreadsheet To which he added the special story of each jacket to later tell Ignacio. “People took a lot of time to bring T-shirts to me, to tell me their stories. I admit that some of you buy them because you love them, and some have special emotional value.”

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