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Days pass, the weather changes, the uncertainty increases, the clouds discharge, the hail hints at itself, but the desire to live and celebrate remains. For this, nothing better than a little bit of music helping once again set the tone for the weekend. Today we have a large variety of styles and artists represented in this selection that some of the latest news from Africa or Diaspora is collected.

Thunderous Mukhtar She announced that she is in the process of changing the labels with the release of a new song and video. The new home he signed is New Yorker Matador Records and the song is titled Chismiten. Track loaded with fast-paced rhythms and Riffs Guitars featured by the Tuareg artist based in Agadez, Niger. He was one of the first to introduce electronic adjustments to the traditional music of his people, but he kept the language of Tamasheq to speak in his songs about Islam, education, peace and love. The latter is the subject of this composition in which he explains how many people when they enter a relationship lose their sense of themselves, become jealous and envy of others. Faced with this danger, he chose to address “God does not be that kind of person.”

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about anything new Eddie KenzoThat boy down the street who was saved by football and music gave him a chance. We met him again in 2014 when he was released Sita Luce. Well the news is that a Ugandan is making a comeback to accompany the Ivorian Elodie. Together they presented 1 song and video entitled The madness is taking me, Which turned out to be an odd mix of Coupé-Decali and Afrobeat. Although weird at first, the mixture isn’t bad. The song tells how terrified she feels at the cocky situation, we can tell, to her lover, who is nothing more than a pimp, despite knowing what he really means with this complaint.

Casper NewFest He’s also promoting his latest album, AMN Nothing is better for this than posting a video accompanying the single king. He participates in it as a musician, poet, actor and presenter Zola. It is well known, especially, for this latter aspect. The two South Africans present themselves as angels (or so they say), even though they look a bit like gangsters, dressed in white with matching sneakers. And this song is a thank you. For this, the two artists made use of the Bible, which is a very ecclesiastical genre. But they are tinged with their idiosyncrasies and personalities.

His parents came from Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. I was born in Paris and raised there. He now lives between the French capital and New York. But fairy (Or Poundo “Sweet” Gomis, as he usually signs too) never forgets his roots and identifies himself as being of African descent, above all. Music is one of her many activities, she is also an actress, dancer, and fashion editor. She also has a new song and video a Wasso Wara It is a topic in which he talks about brotherhood.

It was also lost and reappeared Olamide. He did so with a new album containing twelve songs titled take the chance. He is one of the important names in the Nigerian rap world, a style in which he appeared at a very young age and grew in and developed. This new work shows further maturity and collects some of the influences he found throughout these years. The artist stated that in this work he wanted to combine his music with the traditional elements of what is known in Nigeria as Majesty (Contains a little reg and a little dance) Add a touch of heavenly, Which he defines as what is done when secular music is played in the church. To absorb all this mixture, the rapper has sought out collaborations with some friends, including Fireboy DML and Phyno. The first song from this album is Green lightNo matter how much he says, he never stops reminding us of Afropop, but, come on, everyone is free to call himself as he pleases, he will lose more.

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