A schedule and where to watch the Spanish GP

A schedule and where to watch the Spanish GP

Fernando Alonso in Alpine Controls.

Leader GlobalismAnd the Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Achieved “first place”‘ From Spanish Grand Prix From Formula 1, 100 of his career, in a qualifying session in which the Spaniards participated Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) W. Fernando Alonso (Alps) They had been Sixth and tenth, respectively.

Along with Hamilton, the first-row player, the Dutchman will leave on Sunday Max Verstappen (Red Bull). He will start his third Mercedes team-mate, Finn Valtteri Bottas.

Sainz: “If any of the leaders fail, we can make the stage.”

The Madrid driver said that If one of the leaders fails (Mercedes and Red Bull) are in the race tomorrow, Sunday Does not exclude “make the podium” After finishing the ranking in the wonderful sixth place.

“In the end You are now counting on them not being there The Madrid citizen, who also explained that despite being “going well all weekend,” added, “we want podiums without relying on others.”

Alonso: “Traffic damaged me on the last lap”

For his part, Asturian considered that Traffic hurts him on the last lap. In the ranking, while trying to improve on the 10th place he will start tomorrow at Barcelona-Catalunya.

“Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) I had a lot of traffic on the last lap, we met five cars in the final part. I think in the third quarter I didn’t implement the strategy well, I wasn’t doing well or I didn’t manage it properly. Traffic, “added Alonso to this effect.

Sunday May 9

Racing: 15.00 hours

Where to watch Formula-1 races

The 2021 Formula-1 season can be followed by 2021 Neighborhood In Spain on TV through Movistar + and DAZN. The telecom operator will provide full coverage on his Movistar + F1 channel and the broadcast platform will add racing to its offering thanks to the agreement reached, which also affects MotoGP.

However, on this occasion, the entire Spanish Grand Prix, in addition to the usual options, He can also be seen in public through Telecinco.

With regard to major Latin American countries, in Argentina, Colombia and Chile He will be able to follow the major jackpots through Fox Sports, while he is at Mexico Channel 9 Televisa will be responsible for transmissions. For its part, in United State Formula-1 can be seen on ESPN.

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