This is Jesus’ plan to spread this game in the Netherlands

This is Jesus’ plan to spread this game in the Netherlands

Jesus Medina it’s a in love Chess and while running sHe had the idea that urban chess had to be popularJesus explains: “I called the Utrecht City Council and they told me it was a great idea but at the moment you are the only one who wants it.”

After several attempts, he ended up getting it, however, he didn’t want to stay there:I have written letters to mayors and councilors in 80 Dutch cities I told them to do the same. ”

Now, more than 3 and a half years later, It has installed over 100 chess boards all over the Dutch streets Another 200 were approved. From all over the world they ask Jesus Medina about his idea: “What I’m doing in the NetherlandsMail can be copied in Spain and other countriesIn Belgium, Argentina, and even Uganda. “

Moreover, Jesus does not care about the weather, he is always ready to play chess:If it is cold then we play, if it is hot we play chess at 0º“.

They respect the measures against the Coronavirus

On the other hand, with Coronavirus security measures It is not advisable to be too close to an opponent, so Jesus posed the following:You stand up, make the move, come back, and the opponent does the same when it’s his turn“.

Currently, Only prof board Was sabotaged: “They put dry herbs on top and burned them.” To take care of the playing area, they use human structures so that they are always taken care of: “As a good chess player, you must have a plan.”

This game, which has become very popular in the world in recent months thanks to the “Lady’s Gambit” series, brings many good things: “Chess can go a long way in masking loneliness“Jesus assures us. Right now, Jesus’s plan has just begun.

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