Guatemala suffers, suffers a lot and is hit by penalties, but it flies to Lithuania – Prensa Libre


Roberto Alvarado, in blue, scored twice in normal time, and a penalty kick, Guatemala qualified for the 2021 FIFA World Cup in Lithuania. Free Press Photo: Fedefut.

He was a tough opponent, but they managed to leave him on the road. The Guatemalan Futsal team qualified for the 2021 World Cup in Lithuania after defeating El Salvador on penalties.

The citizens struggled against a Salvadoran team who knew how to wait bi-color and made things difficult for them. The country managed to reach the World Cup Finals for the fourth time in a row. The two goals were by Jose Mancila and a double by Roberto Alvarado, who also scored a winning penalty.

Roberto Alvarado was the character of the match after scoring two goals in addition to the qualifying penalty against El Salvador. Guatemala struggled, but it succeeded. It is one of four classifieds ads. Before that, so did Costa Rica, the United States and Panama. These countries will be the ones that will participate in the World Cup in Lithuania.

The Guatemalan Futsal team stands after the victory over El Salvador. They will be in the new World Cup of Specialization. Free press photo: Concacaf.

With this result, the national team will now face the semi-final against the United States on Saturday, May 8th, and it will depend on the outcome to play against the other winner between Costa Rica and Panama.

Guatemala is the fifth time it has participated in a World Cup finals, and the fourth in a row. In 2008 he was crowned champion of the pre-world championship that was held in the country.

The semi-finals of this pre-world tournament were as follows: Guatemala vs. United States, Panama vs. Costa Rica. It will be played on the eighth Saturday of Major. The final, third and fourth places will be on Sunday May 9th.

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