“A treasure to be taken care of”


“Go to the home of a seriously ill person and have them explain their concerns, how they feel and what hurts them.” This is how the message that a doctor published on social networks begins to talk about her Home health care and its importance.

The doctor acknowledges that “the patient tells you about his problems there because he knows you, at home with his family and You are next to him, you look into his eyesHe acknowledges that these attitudes and treatment are a “treasure.” An opinion also shared by many health professionals.

Another doctor says that when something like this happens, you “go home feeling very lucky for the trust patients put in you”. “It’s one of the best things about primary care”, to get to know. While a health worker stated, “This is the best part of medicine: the people.”

“The best part about medicine is the people”

For his part, the family doctor replied that “the patient’s trust in the doctor is the most grateful and philanthropic in the primary stage” and acknowledged that “family medicine is the basis of health” in particular.

“We are fortunate to be able to help and accompanying people to their homes”, another health worker wrote in this regard. He added that “this is what we take with us and the core of our work, it is very good to be able to share those difficult and necessary moments with the people we serve daily.”

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